Re-energize your space with The Collages

Feeling tired this fall? There is no energy in your space? It can be easily fixed!

The Collages offer posters with frames and canvases through Saatchi Art , high definition files to be printed to the needed size of collages presented at the original website and our seasonal and energy infused collections presented at Etsy. Feel and see the energy changes right away!

Sign up for our mailing list at to receive seasonal discounts for Etsy store. Download new images, print it to the needed size either in posters or canvases and enjoy your décor!

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Posters, canvases, artworks on metal or wood, apparel, textile and many practical lifestyle items can be found in these two stores

Our Fall Collection is full of bright colors, sensual texture and sunlight.

Gift of original design from the collages and home art galleries

Prepare for holiday season

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